My Hero Ellen DeGeneres


my blog will make you horny :p


my blog will make you horny :p

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When Ellen was a teenager, her stepfather sexually abused her, so much that at one point she had to flee to a nearby hospital and sleep there for safety. She told her mom about it but she didn’t believe her, and continued to stay with Ellen’s stepfather, and Ellen continued to be abused.

Even after that, Ellen continues to love her mom every single moment of the day.


And that is why I love Ellen.

I told my dad that I don’t feel good as a…girl

I finally told my dad that I don’t feel good as a…girl…and he understood that’s hurting me from inside. He’ll talk with some people and he’ll find me a right person to talk about it… (Some kind of a psychologist wich I’m really waiting for to talk with)
I love my dad…


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